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Hi, I'm Marisa

I am a recovering perfectionist and cPTSD survivor with a mission to share my recovery story to help at least one person feel seen, heard, understood, and loved.

I use my trauma informed life coach certification to help others strengthen their compassionate inner dialogue to be louder than the internal and external critics.

"little bent, not broken" is meant to serve as a reminder that even after everything we've gone through, we are whole and resourceful, not broken beyond repair.​


Are you ready to let go of the belief that you have to prove your worth? Are you ready to believe that you are worthy NOW?

Are you ready to pivot away from feeding the inner critic and begin cultivating an inner voice full of self love and compassion?

Are you ready to define what "good enough" means on YOUR terms?

I'm ready to support you! You are seen. You are heard. You are worthy of the life you crave.

Thank you for being here.

With love,


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Shame-free, self-paced online course dedicated to perfectionism & reparenting recovery

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Bringing your ideas to life WITH you through a mix of consulting, coaching, and collaboration!


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You don't need to prove your worth.

You are enough as you are.
As a coach, my role is to hold space as people reconnect to their inner wisdom and find the answers they need to live empowered lives. I am here to help recovering perfectionists and survivors of covert abuse (gaslighting, emotional abuse, mental abuse) cultivate a loving, compassionate voice that is louder than the critical voices that say "I'm not good enough until..."
By taking power away from the inner critic, replacing the negative beliefs I held about myself with those of love and compassion, and letting go of the need for external validation, I have developed a life I never thought I could have.
I would be honored to help you do the same.

about me

I help recovering perfectionists and people pleasers embrace their inherent worth NOW.

Growing up, I felt unloved and unwanted. I believed every thought that said, "You don't matter. You'll never be good enough. No one cares about you. The world would be better off without you." And I had no external evidence to say otherwise. 

That all changed when I learned how to love myself unconditionally, when I decided to take charge of my life, and when the voice in my head finally sounded like me, like the empathetic and compassionate voice I had needed growing up.

Image by Julia Solonina

Marisa was a delight to work with from day one. She has this unique combination of curiosity and passion that really creates a place of true growth. I have to say, she has the most calming presence and I never felt judged as she listened to me and my sometimes tragic circumstances. I felt heard, understood, and yet never pitied.

She asked penetrating questions that allowed me to get to the root of some key blocks that have bothered me for a long time. I appreciated her wisdom, curiosity, and compassion while we tackled some heavy topics.

I highly recommend Marisa to anyone that is look to make changes in their lives, but can't get past old hurts and traumas.

- Traci

Marisa has compassion, not only for her commitment to the work she has dedicated herself to, but also for her clients. She knows how to create a safe environment to explore whatever it is that the client needs in that exact moment. 

She listens to me with intention and asks probing questions that provide me insight and, dare I say it, new understanding about situations that I thought were going to be impossible to navigate.

If you're ready to stop living in the past and want to learn how to be present in the here and now so you can create a promising future with purpose for yourself, and need someone who understands trauma intimately - Marisa is your person!

- Laura

"...It's amazing how I feel, how much more clear I see. Before starting the sessions I thought my mind was too messy and my thoughts race too fast for someone to figure all this out, but you in some way managed to take them all and sort them out for me.

No matter how "I feel like I'm being to much" I feel, you still listen and understand what I am thinking and feeling. I have noticed how more aware of my thoughts I've become, how so much easier it has become for me to change their direction to somewhere I want them to go and I'm immensely grateful for that.

Being in control of my thoughts has made me feel in a lot more ease..."


If there was one word to describe Marisa and her coaching style, I would use “catalyst”.

When I started my sessions with Marisa, I didn’t realise how much would have changed.


She has helped steer me through my issues of self-doubt, disbelief and anxiety, through positive visualisations and simple exercises that don’t require too much emotional energy.


The great thing is that these exercises can be taken from the session into the real world, when I find myself feeling like I need a moment to recalibrate I reflect back on the progress
I’ve made.

- Ruth

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DISCLAIMER: Coaching provides personal coaching to individuals/groups. It is not therapy nor should be treated as a substitute for working with a medical professional or other licensed mental health professional. Coaches do not diagnose; please work with a medical professional or licensed therapist, psychiatrist, or psychologist for diagnoses or if you feel psychologically stressed out to the point you are unable to function in your day-to-day life. Coaching may enhance your therapy or healing journey, but the bulk of coaching is present/immediate future-focused rather than past-focused. If you're specifically looking to explore the past, coaching may not be the best fit for this current stage of your journey. I encourage you to reach out to a licensed mental health professional for support during this part of your journey. Results are not guaranteed and any actions you take, and the consequences thereof, whether real or imagined, are entirely your own. I accept no liability from anything that should arise from the use of the information on this site or the engagement of my services. 

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