Looking for support on your healing journey?

1:1 Coaching

You may feel bent from the pain, heartache, and trauma you experienced. And I believe you are not broken beyond repair.


I believe each person is whole and resourceful and has all the power, tools, resources, and capability to heal as they are right now.

As your coach, I use education + powerful questions to reconnect you to your inner, innate wisdom and support you on your healing journey.


I believe you are brimming with intuition, wisdom, love, and strength. And I am here to explore with you as you rediscover and cultivate your compassionate inner voice. 

I am more than a certified trauma informed life coach. I am a person who has taken the long way around to heal their own childhood wounds, reconnect with her inner child, and address my inner critic. And I want to help do the same for you.

I view coaching as supplemental help. Much like with physical health, a person may work with a physical therapist to rehabilitate and then work with a coach or trainer to reach their fitness goals. In the same way, as a coach, I am here to keep you accountable and help you meet your personal mental health goals!

You deserve to live an empowered life.

You are worthy of joy and love.

You are have accomplished so much.

You are capable of great things.

You deserve to receive the same love and compassion you give to others.

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Above the Clouds

you are seen

you are heard

your feelings are valid

you matter

you are enough

you are loved

you are worthy

you are resilient

you are powerful

Mountain Lake

Can you relate?

Do struggle with one or more of the following: 

  • low motivation

  • hyper vigilance

  • hypercriticism

  • codependency

  • low self-worth

  • boundaries

  • people pleasing

  • confrontation

  • hyper-independence 

  • sleeping

  • oversharing

  • external validation

  • hyperactivity

  • overprotectiveness

  • perfectionism


Struggling with any of these things doesn't mean you're too broken or unrepairable. It simply means there is a wound that needs your attention.

For me, a lot of these behaviors stemmed from an unmet need in childhood. I could go down the list and trace back the incident or series of events that led to the wound. Being unconscious of how these struggles played out in my life kept me stuck in a mentally dark place that held me back from living my life to its fullest and gave my inner critic so much power over what I believed about myself. But by healing these wounds (over the course of many years!) and learning how to fully and completely love and accept myself as I am, I can finally breathe again.

my role as

your coach

 As your coach, I will help you...

  • Discover your inner critical voices and address the fears, worries, or expectations revealed through these voices

  • Cultivate a wise, compassionate inner voice that is louder than the critic

  • Create and integrate a loving inner dialogue while embodying self-love and self-compassion 

Rock Maze

you are whole