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A Moment of Vulnerability...

Two years ago, I launched a group program (my first official launch of any kind)…and I had zero sign ups. I'm currently launching just the online course part (updated and revamped) again and I’m terrified. (But also excited to share with you!)


In full transparency, two years ago, I launched that program feeling desperate: desperate for money, desperate to prove my business was a good idea, desperate for validation that I created something “good.”


When no one signed up, I was embarrassed. But more than that, I was ashamed. I took it as a sign that all of the “bad” things I had thought about myself were true.


I'm not good enough. I'm not helpful enough. I'm not smart enough.


I had / have severe imposter syndrome because the course is all about people pleasing and perfectionism recovery, but I myself was so deep into the very thing I was trying to “prove” I could help with.


Plus, I had a secondary side business for social media creative support which includes a launch intensive. I thought to myself, if I couldn’t even make a sale on my own launch, how could I help others do it?


But now, I have a very different mindset. While I’m still nervous about officially launching, I know that whatever happens, happens. Whether there's zero sales or a hundred, I won't allow it to impact my perception of myself, my knowledge, or worth. (even though of course I would love to make at least one sale!)


The voice in my head now sounds like, “I'm trying. I'm proud of myself for trying. For turning an idea into a reality. Whatever outcome, I did my absolute best and that's all I can do.” :)


I'm also reminding myself that I’ll never be 100% perfect or 100% healed, but that doesn’t mean my past and current experiences can’t be helpful. If anything, sharing that I’m still learning and growing and changing 10+ years into my healing journey might be helpful for someone who thinks they need to have it all together NOW.


And, maybe if that person is you…

…I recreated this course, Better Than Perfect, for you & me: the recovering perfectionist or people pleaser ready to transform your inner critic into self compassion.


And I hope that by pointing a finger at my own shame and continuing to share vulnerably and authentically reminds you that you are worthy NOW.  You are enough NOW. 


Because you being you is better than being perfect

(more deets here)


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