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little book talk: "You are a Badass" by Jen Sincero

Main takeaways:

  • You have to stop wanting things to change and begin making those changes.

  • You truly are a badass. But badassery isn’t just about kicking butt and taking names. It’s about being grateful for the one and only life we got while also loving yourself enough to create the life you want instead of resigning to complacency.

  • The only person’s opinion that matters about whether or not you deserve what you want is yours. Acknowledge and challenge those limiting beliefs--but you’re the only person who can decide whether or not they still serve you.

  • Love yourself.


Rating: 4/5

Readability: Easy

Recommend: Maybe


What did it teach me about “how to stop doubting your greatness and start living an awesome life?”

“If you want a life you’ve never lived, you have to do things you’ve never done.”

This book reminded me a lot of that Shia LeBeouf “just do it” video. And I don’t say that to mock, but because that’s the vibe and energy this book gives. Truly! In order to stop doubting yourself and start living an awesome life you have to just do it!

You have to stop doubting whether or not you deserve or are worth the life, happiness, or badassery you desire. You have to stop wanting things to change and decide to make those changes.

As a life coach, it feels...weird and icky to be writing “you have to” but those are the lessons from the book and I am but a simple messenger! But on some level, I do agree that these are the things that will help you move from being disappointed with your life toward feeling excited and fulfilled by life. You’re in the driver seats, friends. What do you want? What’s holding you back?

Now, there’s a lot of nuance in asking those kinds of questions, right? From the beginning of the book I was conflicted--and I’ll be honest I was conflicted for most of the book because of the constant ringing in my head of the word privilege (as usually happens when I read most books about self-help, manifestation, abundance, or the like). Not everyone has the same opportunities, resources, and capabilities to make the changes they want in their lives. But I also don’t think this means change or betterment is impossible. It just means that we have to meet ourselves where we are and get realistic about the goals we want to achieve. Being realistic isn’t the same as being pessimistic and it certainly doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try. Okay I’m going off on a tangent...

That said, I think Sincero does give actionable advice for those ready to change their lives and who have the resources to make those changes. And overall, I think it’ll help challenge people to confront their limiting beliefs and recognize the ways they stand in their own way!

A bulk of my highlights and sticky notes came from Parts 2 & 4: How to embrace your inner badass & How to get over your BS already. And this is where most of the challenging mindset reframes are, but I think also where most of the important reminders about self-empowerment and self-love really shone and I got a flicker in my chest that was just like “yeah, exactly, couldn’t have said it better myself!” (Like, putting thoughts and feelings into actual words.)

Despite this, I didn’t feel as...revved up as I had expected or anticipated when reading a book called “You are a Badass.” I didn’t really feel like a badass, but I could see how this would be super motivating and empowering to someone else. As someone who used to live on auto pilot and felt silently resigned to the life seemingly laid out for them, I really appreciated the parts of the book that reminded readers to take charge, that they’re in the driver seat, that backseat drivers aren’t allowed. That felt really empowering and I think some past version of myself would’ve REALLY loved this book (and probably also REALLY not liked it because of the self-limiting beliefs I held so tightly to my chest.

This book was recommended to me for manifestation and abundance work and I totally got a lot out of it in that regard. I had to keep a really open mind and I had already worked through some limiting thoughts and fears while reading Super Attractor by Gabby Bernstein. While I can’t say it was anything new or mind-blowing, it was definitely laid out in a more digestible, actionable way.

Overall, this was an easy, quick, persuasive read and I would be selective about who I’d recommend this to. As with any self-help book it’s not a cure-all, but I think it could be great to re-visit when you need the confidence boost or reminder to just do it and also love yourself. I think this is better suited for someone further along on their healing journey and for someone who does manifestation + abundance work.



(these are a few quotes I highlighted that stood out to me)

  • “There’s a great line from the poet Anaïs Nin that reads: ‘And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.’”

  • “When you constantly deny yourself the people, food, things, and experiences that make you feel the most alive, that sends a pretty lousy message home…. It’s about being proactive about creating a life you love instead of meekly living the one you think you’re stuck with.”

  • “Our thoughts become our words, our words become our beliefs, our beliefs become our actions, our actions become our habits, and our habits become our realities.”

  • “We throw a wet blanket of ho-hummery over our lives when we live in fear of what others might think, instead of in celebration of who we are.”

  • “The trick is to not only deny the criticism any power over you, but, even more challenging, to not get caught up in the praise. There’s nothing wrong with blushingly accepting a compliment, but if you find yourself always seeking outside approval that you’re good enough or cool enough or talented enough or worthy enough, you’re screwed. Because if you base your self-worth on what everyone thinks of you, you hand all your power over to other people and become dependent on a source outside of yourself for validation.”

  • “Sometimes it’s easier for other people to see what we can’t see ourselves, so if they help us connect with our truths and live happier, more authentic lives, then it’s worth taking the time to listen. It still ultimately comes down to what’s true for you, however, so the more connected to your inner truth you are, the easier it will be to use outside opinions to your advantage, rather than let them rule your life.”

  • “We only get to be in our bodies for a limited time, why not celebrate the journey instead of merely riding it out until it’s over?”

  • “Get really really really really good at what you do, but don’t lose the fun in the process.”

  • “If we’ve been depressed or victimized or whatever since childhood, we trick ourselves into believing that it’s really who we are as adults in order to continue reaping “the rewards.” It’s how we survived as kids, but it doesn’t serve us anymore so we need to get rid of it or we’ll just keep creating more of it…. Once you identify the false benefits you’re reaping from holding onto your stories, you can start the process of letting them go and replace them with new empowered ones that serve the adult you.”

  • “If you’re serious about changing your life, you’ll find a way. If you’re not, you’ll find an excuse.”

  • “When you up-level your idea of what’s possible, and decide to really go for it, you open yourself up to the means to accomplish it as well. I’m not talking about going out and recklessly blowing all your money on stupid crap. I’m talking about expanding your beliefs about what is available to you in all areas of your life.”

  • “It’s about who you become and what you believe is possible for yourself.”

Have you read this already? If so, what were your main takeaways? Favorite quotes? Thoughts? Let's chat about it - comment on my Instagram post related to this review!

Other fun random stats:

Pages: 254pg

Sticky notes: 16

Highlights: 34


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